Welcome to The Pigeon Coop

Welcome to The Pigeon Coop

For those of you who have been following me around various branches of the internet for a few years, you may have noticed I’ve gone all swish and finally nested myself into a lovely little coop of an internet corner. This here, this website is mine and I’m excited to share it with you. Now, let’s get cosy and I’ll tell you where it all began if you want? Grab a brew and biscuit, we could be here a while.

Miss Pigeon Vintage – The Beginning

Miss Pigeon Vintage set up in 2014 after discovering I was pregnant with our first child, Stanley. Cue hysterical panic as to where that first child would actually fit into our little home. Cue then a mass clear out of all my collections and belongings to make room.

Vintage Typewriter

Vintage tea sets, rare typewriters, retro clothing and masses of Hornsea pottery started gathering in my “to sell” pile. It was obvious that I needed to make this selling lark a bit more “proper” and so I snapped up an opportunity offered to me by Chris Cooper Band who were having a big party at Cafe INDIEpendent in Scunthorpe to launch their debut album. They wanted artists and traders to have market stalls on the mezzanine, in a gallant effort to support fellow local creatives.

Where the Name Comes From

Now, to pick a trading name. Yeah my real name is pretty funky, but it was so engrained locally in Art Education that I needed to avoid it. Lining up names for a company intended to have a short life was fairly easy, it didn’t matter, it would only last a year or so until I cleared all my “stuff” yeah? Best laid plans there… Four years later and some people ONLY know me as Miss Pigeon.

So where did Miss Pigeon Vintage come from? Well, I’ve been known for my love of dead birds and turning them into pen and ink drawings. More on that to come at a later date, but for now, just stick with me.

Miss Pigeon Vintage with Pink Pigeon

Birds have been a constant theme cropping up through my creative career and my home life. My little dog that we have had from being a stray found on our doorstep had the nickname Pidgey Pigeon because he was a scruffy little fella. He was my heart and soul at the time and so it made sense to name my new adventures after him.

Take a look around the website, let me know what you think. You can also find all the places I sell vintage at the Shop page.

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