“I’ve come back for…”

“I’ve come back for…”

“…the pink shorts”

“… the teak gazelles”

Vintage Gazelles

“… the yellow chair”

Window at Cafe Indie in Scunthorpe

As a vintage lover, if you find yourself ever saying “I’ve come back for…”, it’s a good idea to have a sturdy heart for disappointment.

So often as a vintage trader, I’m met with customers who lust after a one-off genuine vintage item who choose to go away and think about whether they love it enough to buy it.

WHAM! Someone else loved it the day before you and has just sneaked in to buy it instead.


If you fall for something vintage, just bloody buy it. The chances are quite slim that you’ll ever find it again and owning a unique vintage piece feels so much lovelier than regret.

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