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Past Events

Miss Pigeon Vintage presents a Vintage Fair at The Ropewalk

This first time fair made a very promising impact as a newcomer to the vintage scene. The Ropewalk is a heritage venue and has a gallery, cafe, workshops and studios.

We celebrated vintage through the eras, with performers, dancers, stalls, tearooms, classic cars and much more.

Big Sky Arts Festival 2013

Big Sky Arts Festival was another event organised by Fold Collective, after the success of Brumby Bash. The festival took place across North Lincolnshire in 2013, culminating in a major showcase event at The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe.
This event supported local amateur arts groups and independent artists to display their work, perform and host workshops. Approximately 800 people visited this one day showcase which was financed by a Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England.

Brumby Bash Arts Festival 2012

Miss Pigeon Vintage, as part of the Fold Collective, organised the Brumby Bash Arts Festival, a free outdoor event in Scunthorpe featuring music, theatre, dance and more. Take a look at the video of the event to find out more.
This event attracted around 1000 visitors over the two days and was run as a non-profit event to promote amateur arts groups from the region. It was financed by a Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England, in support of the Cultural Olympiad.

Contact for details on organising an event for you.

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