Shop the Vintage Look with Miss Pigeon – The Pussybow Blouse

Shop the Vintage Look with Miss Pigeon – The Pussybow Blouse

I’m here to break the common myth that vintage clothing is for Other People; that vintage isn’t easy to wear, or it’s for special occasions only.

I’m calling time on all of that by introducing Shop the Vintage Look with me, Miss Pigeon Vintage.

This passion project of mine is a way of proving that just one vintage garment in your wardrobe, can help rejuvinate your style. Also, that one vintage item can be styled so many ways, you not only save money but also the planet.

With more of us looking for ways of working towards a sustainable future, vintage and secondhand clothing really is the easiest and best place to start thinking more ethically about what we should be reusing and recycling.

Using garments from my rail at Arttopia in Cleethorpes, I’ll be showing you multiple ways of styling and wearing vintage everyday.

I’m starting with this simple vintage pussybow blouse. Pretty much a staple in most wardrobes, the pussybow blouse is really versatile, seeing us through each season with style.

Look One

Worn here with a basic A-line vintage skirt and styled up with colour matching accessories, you can see how this look can easily be worn to work or for a day out with your Vintage Girl Gang!

Blouse, size 20 £18. Skirt, size 10 £12. Bag £6. Scarf £3.

Look Two

This pink shift dress over the top of our pussybow blouse, makes for a great transitional outfit from summer into Autumn. The varying warm tones in the blouse make it fairly easy to choose any colour shift dress to pop on over the top.

Blouse, size 20 £18. Dress, size 10 £20. Bag £6. Scarf £3.

Look Three

These funky 1970s flares give this blouse a groovy edge, taking us right onto the dance floor after a day at work.

Blouse, size 20 £18. Trousers, size 10 £20.

Look Four

This sweet 1960s two piece suit is such a lovely wedding outfit, especially styled with the pussybow blouse. The colour clash really makes both garments just pop!

Blouse, size 20 £18. Suit, size 14 £40. Bag £6. Scarf £3.

This is just the start of how one blouse can take you from office wear, to drinks with your Vintage Girl Gang and onto that weekend’s wedding. And with it being polyester, it’ll wash and dry in time for all of these occasions!

All of the items you see in the photos are available to buy from my rail at Arttopia in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. You can also buy vintage from me by heading to my Shop page, for other places to find items from Miss Pigeon Vintage!

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