Shop the Vintage Look with Miss Pigeon – The Two Piece Evening Gown

Shop the Vintage Look with Miss Pigeon – The Two Piece Evening Gown

Welcome to another Shop the Vintage Look with Miss Pigeon, where I introduce you to multiple ways of wearing one vintage clothing purchase to get the most for your money, the most out of your wardrobe and more importantly the most out of sustainable style.

This post is showcasing this really beautiful 1970’s evening gown and chiffon bolero two piece.

The chocolate brown background is scattered with a floral pattern in greys, reds and soft blush colours, making it surprisingly easy to match up with other more basic garments from your wardrobe.

The flower print is large but gentle making it flattering on the curves of it’s 16/18 UK size. The dress is polyester, with a lovely swish to the skirt and the bolero is chiffon with balloon sleeves and an tie ribbon at the neck.

This two piece is approximately a UK size 16/18, is £45 and is available from my space at Arttopia, in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. Or it can be bought by contacting me directly to post to you for extra postage costs.

Onto ways to wear this gorgeous beasty.

Look One

Using just the dress worn over a red pussybow blouse. The tie ribbons of the blouse hanging down the neckline helps to slim down the shoulders and buttoned up, the blouse covers any cleavage that you may not be comfortable having on show.

The long sleeves of the blouse make this a lovely transition piece into Autumn, to keep your arms warm through the cooler days.

Dress, size 16/18 £45 (as part of two piece). Blouse, size 18 £12.

Look Two

As above, but the two piece is reunited by adding the bolero for an extra styling option and providing an extra layer in the Autumn evenings.

Look Three

Keeping the red pussybow blouse from Look One and Two, the dress is replaced with a pencil skirt.

Vintage pencil skirts are one of my favourite items for easily completing a slick and sassy look. This beige one picks up the soft blush colours of the floral print, tying the whole outfit together for smart office wear or a few drinks with your Vintage Girl Gang.

This chiffon bolero is so versatile and becomes a free-size piece on it’s own. It would look pretty funky matched with a vintage T-shirt and jeans.

Bolero, size 16/18 £45 (as part of two piece). Blouse, size 18 £12. Skirt, size 10/12 £15.

Look Four

The bolero worn over any dress gives such a stunning and soft styling option to pop over any dress, but teamed with this red satin strappy dress, gives such a demure sexiness you’ll be the centre of the attention in any room.

Bolero, size 16/18 £45 (as part of two piece). Dress, size 16 £25.

Look Five

The dress of this two piece really is just so beautiful on its own. The sleek fabric is smoothing over curves, the V-neck line is gentle enough to reveal just what you want without the danger of top much jugs jiggling.

It would be such great company on a holiday, taking you from day to evening with the addition of some swanky jewellery or the bolero over the shoulders.

All in all, for £45, you get so many outfit options from these two stylish garments. Vintage really can be worn by you everyday without breaking the bank or your ethics on sustainable fashion!

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