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Miss Pigeon Vintage with Vintage Stock

I’m Hayley, a lifelong collector of memories – mainly other people’s!

Loving and selling vintage is about holding and looking after stories of other people and then letting them grow new chapters with new customers.

Vintage isn’t just about looking alternative and unique, it’s also about working towards a more sustainable future. There is enough stuff in the world, and buying new products creates the need for more new products to be made.

The continuing desire for new stuff puts a huge strain on our planet’s resources, but buying vintage contributes to a circular economy and greener future; one where items can be reused, recycled or repurposed, to prevent the irresponsible growth of landfill.

Allow me to step down from my soap box for a second and tell you how I can help you think and buy more consciously:

I’m a mum, meaning I’m pretty excellent at multitasking. I’m extremely passionate about supporting small businesses and even more so if their values lie in ethical and creative fields.

The work I do as Miss Pigeon Vintage splits into three areas; Shop, Events and Creative. I have years of experience in each and am always happy to chat about how I can help you, but in the meantime, find more information below:


I set up Miss Pigeon Vintage when I discovered I was pregnant in 2014. During preparation for the new arrival, I recognised a deep-rooted passion for making considered choices towards our future; from the small ethical companies I felt good about supporting to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

I found myself designing our home around secondhand furniture and buying vintage baby items only. This passion and learning grew into a small business that helps support my family financially.


Many of us have the problem of making ethical choices when shopping, while keeping a sense of style and individuality.  I began hosting events that introduce shoppers to other small independent businesses who have ethical and creative ideas at their heart. When the world feels more normal again, we’ll be bringing back some of your old favourites , such as An Indie Kinda Christmas and Indie Market Scunthorpe.


Having a background and network in the arts, I’m often asked to supply, style or create vintage scenes for other small businesses. I have worked with Sarah Richards Floral Design, Know Media, Cafe INDIEpendent and The Vintage Carnival to develop shop signs, entertainment and film sets for their creative projects.

What People Say

“I absolutely love these pins, can’t wait to give them as presents this year. Great service and lovely shop – thank you!”

Loulou – customer

“The exhibit of vintage clothing was really unique and I really enjoyed reading the story that went along with her outfits.”

Rebecca – North Lincolnshire Museum

“Lovely lovely dress, arrived in good time too! Great communication. Will definitely be revisiting this store again in the future.”

Carla – Etsy Customer

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