Past Events

Miss Pigeon Vintage presents a Vintage Fair at The Ropewalk This first time fair made a very promising impact as a newcomer to the vintage scene. The Ropewalk is a heritage venue and has a gallery, cafe, workshops and studios. We celebrated vintage through the eras, with performers, dancers, stalls, tearooms, classic cars and muchContinue reading “Past Events”

A Directory of Recommended Local Vintage Shops

Scunthorpe is a dirty word when it comes to “Places to Visit”, but that shouldn’t hold you back if you’re into vintage and antiques hunting. Lincolnshire is steeped in history, has a gritty Northern charm and is the hometown of Miss Pigeon Vintage, among a lot of other places to buy your vintage. Here isContinue reading “A Directory of Recommended Local Vintage Shops”

Reloved Retro Stool

Recycling is at the heart of everything that Miss Pigeon Vintage does. I’m a big believer in reusing something until it’s beyond repair and then it should be repurposed if possible. We do loads of upcycling here at Miss Pigeon Vintage HQ and I want to try and look back at some of the projectsContinue reading “Reloved Retro Stool”