A Directory of Recommended Local Vintage Shops

Scunthorpe is a dirty word when it comes to “Places to Visit”, but that shouldn’t hold you back if you’re into vintage and antiques hunting. Lincolnshire is steeped in history, has a gritty Northern charm and is the hometown of Miss Pigeon Vintage, among a lot of other places to buy your vintage.


Here is a very brief summary of places for you to visit:

Miss Pigeon Vintage

Serious about sustainable style since 2014, Miss Pigeon Vintage can help you to choose your new-to-you sustainable clothes.

Mainly clothing and homewares.

Café INDIEpendent, 169 High Street, Scunthorpe.
Howe Lane, Goxhill, North Lincolnshire.
ISWAS, Abbeygate, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

All of the above have varying opening times, please contact Miss Pigeon Vintage for accurate and up-to-date information.



Wet Records

The 1st Saturday of every month, the Wet Records family host a pop-up record shop at Café INDIE, Scunthorpe High Street. Dig the crates in a bohemian atmosphere created with live music from musicians and bands carefully selected by Wet Records.

Retro and modern vinyl record flicking, while listening to live original music.

Café INDIEpendent, 169 High Street, Scunthorpe.

The first Saturday of every month, starting from 10am.


Birds Nest Records

Definitely worth a visit for a dose of crate digging. Birds Nest are exceptional at sourcing and are very reasonably priced.

Vinyl records!

Birds Nest pop-up at various vinyl markets and always welceom new customers. Contact them directly for their next event.
Also find them at Indie Market Scunthorpe

Next date: 29th September .


Vintage Lincs

“Quirky Vintage and Retro shop. We sell an array of wonderful items you never even knew you needed. We are official stockists of Frenchic Furniture paint.” – taken from Vintage Lincs Facebook page

A wide selection of vintage, retro, antique and nostalgia.

Wilton Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

Monday to Saturday: 9.00am – 5pm
Sunday: 9.00am – 4pm


Hemswell Antique Centre

“Set in beautiful rural Lincolnshire UK, just a few miles from the historic Cathedral City of Lincoln. Hemswell Antique Centres is the ideal venue for an enjoyable day out! Once part of RAF Hemswell – the home of the Lancaster Bomber during the Second World War – the centres now offer a wonderful mix of antiques and collectables from bygone times.” – taken from Hemswell Antiques website

A vast array of homewares, fashion, collectibles and much more. From genuine antiques to the unique, secondhand and pre-loved items. There is something to suit every home and every budget, here.

Hemswell Antique Centres, Caenby Corner Estate, Hemswell Cliff, DN21 5TJ

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm



The INDIE Revolution

A lot of many moons ago a friend of ours was telling us all about this exciting adventure he was about to embark on, as the manager of a non-profit business, training and supporting young people in a cool and trendy coffee house. This place was to have art and music and creativity at it’s core. And boy-oh-boy did that fella pull it off!

This was Cafe Indie before Mr Plumtree even had the keys. I was taking a few photos this day, to get an idea of the space, so I could help with loaning/buying a few bits of furniture for when they opened. This photo would (unknowingly) become very relevant to my future:

Cafe Indie is where I started to work as Pigeon Vintage. I hosted my very first pop-up stall there and continued to do this until I felt confident enough to go for the big fairs. I loaned a few of our own bits of home furnishings to Indie too, until they got much too cool for our old tat.

One thing that has remained a permanent fixture and plays a part in creating the venue’s quirky atmosphere, is their famous INDIE sign. Some of you may know that the sign was made at Pigeon HQ, by the scuffed gnarly hands of Mr Pigeon!

The Café Indie project was getting some outrageous quotes for a light up sign and I mentioned that we would probably be able to give it a good go. Being the perfectionist that Mr Pigeon is, I knew it would only ever be an amazing outcome.

So? I lost him to the garage for the next few weeks, while I stayed inside beginning my own exciting adventure (we were in the early weeks of my first pregnancy and I was suffering from delightful morning sickness).

The sign is made from sheet metal that was cut and bent to shape using an industrial machine that Mr Pigeon had to build from scratch (he’d salvaged it from a skip years ago and never needed to use it until now).

To get the industrial look, once the letters were made he sprayed them with a salt solution and left them outside overnight to get them to rust.

I’ll never forget the night that he sent me this next photo; the first working component standing proud atop his workbench. I was working at the youth centre and gasped with shock at how good it looked. I knew it would, but THIS good? I was a proud girl, carrying this man’s baby. It was a bit overwhelming.

It took a few days to put up, because of the size of each letter and availability of people to help, but this was the sign installed before the bulbs were put in. To give you an idea of scale, the letters are 120cm high.

Being the modest beast he is, Mr Pigeon switched the lights on without telling people. There were so many people in the building, helping to pull walls down, paint chairs, build furniture, clean floors and so on; but none of them knew what spectacle was about to occur. Everyone cheered and applauded and stood agog. It looked fab and felt like the beginning of what has become a bit of an Indie revolution for us all.

Since then, the sign has featured in band photos, promo pictures, blog feeds, student selfies, instagram check-ins… it’s part of the heart of Cafe Indie, and I couldn’t be more proud of Miss Pigeon Vintage for being the maker of something so iconic!

The band Talisco

These pictures could keep coming, but I want to leave you with my favourite Indie sign capture of them all:

Our lads, the light of their Dad’s eyes; Stanley aged 4 months in January 2015 and Jack aged 2 months in May 2017

Studio Shop

In November 2019, I opened my studio shop in Scunthorpe. It’s a space where I can store, style and sell glorious vintage to even more glorious people!

I will be hosting Open Days throughout the year, and inviting you up to rummage my rails and treat yourself to the unique and beautiful vintage lifestyle.

I will be offering Personal Shopping Experiences, for you to have exclusive access to items that have been especially selected and curated for you.

Personal Shopping Experiences would make a great gift for the vintage lover in your life, so get in touch with me to book your session.

INDIE Market – March Edition – Application form

Click here to be taken to the online form.

If you do not hear from us, please assume your application for this date has not been accepted, but do be aware that this doesn’t mean you’ll not be accepted in the future.

Stalls are selected and curated to compliment each other and the ethos of the market.

The best of luck with your application.

Creative Direction of “Phillips 66, Humber Refinery 50th Anniversary” produced by Know Media

When you’re friends with filmmakers, sometimes you get to do some cool work!

Know Media are friends of mine and are extremely talented fellas, who are getting bigger, better and cooler projects all the time.

This one was one they were super excited to get me involved with and I was hugely grateful for the opportunity to source costumes, props and sets for this jaunt through the history of their client.

See commercial

The stills below capture a couple of the areas of styling I worked on.