Miss Pigeon Vintage has been organising creative and vintage events since 2010, and never have we experienced a time as we are going through right now.

Events are a space where we gather, curate, get inspired and collaborate; a place to feel human. While the events industry is on a hiatus, there are a lot of us feeling the brunt of these difficult times, financially, mentally and in more ways than people can see online. So, if you’re missing visiting Vintage Fairs, get in touch with Miss Pigeon Vintage, so she can point you in the direction of the latest Virtual Vintage Fair.

INDIE Market

Founded by Miss Pigeon Vintage, INDIE Market Scunthorpe had a very successful first full year in 2019. Since the pandemic, it was decided by the venue to cancel all future INDIE Market Scunthorpe events.

Miss Pigeon Vintage would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our 100+ traders for their time, efforts, support and creative magnificence. The very best of luck to all of those of you who are still thriving and growing in your businesses during the strangest of times for us all.

Head over to the dedicated page for INDIE Market, here.

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