INDIE Market – Scunthorpe –

*** It was fun while is lasted, but Cafe INDIE have made the decision to no longer host Indie Market Scunthorpe.

Please continue to support all of your small local businesses. ***

Welcome to INDIE Market Scunthorpe, a pop-up market for people who think differently, shop ethically and live awesomely.

Photo by Pink Feet Photography

Founded by Miss Pigeon Vintage, INDIE Market hosts upto 25 stalls from artists, designers, vintage and vinyl traders over three floors.

Our venue, Cafe INDIE, is a co-operative whose profits go into projects that support young people to gain skills and grow in confidence.

Cafe INDIE staff are volunteers who are developing customer service, culinary and food preparation skills. We love how each visitor’s experience is different, but always quirky and relaxed.

INDIE Market would host 20+ traders who have creativity and integrity at their core. For many of our stall holders, the work for sale is their full time employment and we are proud to be able to support their small businesses to thrive in the INDIE Market community.

Each market had a different line up of stalls to ensure variety for each of your visits, but you will always be guaranteed to discover art & design, vintage & vinyl and some specialist traders at each event.

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